Four Easy Ways to Get Fired

There are a lot of silly things that people do at their jobs that get them fired.  I’ve seen it happen.  From getting caught on camera making out with co-workers to punching a boss in the face, there are some really outlandish things people have done to get fired.

There are a few, more subtle, ways to get yourself canned, though.  So be wary.  Remember, there are lots of people looking for jobs out there and whether you realize it or not you are replaceable.

1.  Constantly showing up late

If you are always late to work that becomes a dependability issue.  And a boss doesn’t consider being able to depend on you to be late a real plus.  Remember, there is no penalty for being early somewhere.  I recently heard an interview with former New York Giants wide receiver, Amani Toomer in which he talked about the first year Tom Coughlin became the head coach of the team.  Toomer said that Coughlin’s policy was that if you were on time, you were late.  If a team meeting started at 8:00 a.m. you had to be there before 7:55.  Try to approach your job that way.

2.  Be inactive

That might sound weird but it is effective.  When I worked in fast food, if we weren’t busy, we needed to be cleaning something.  One guy got fired because whenever we had a downswing in the customer flow he would just stand around.  Remember, the only time to take a break is on your break.  There is no room for lazy in a workplace.

3.  Smart off your boss

Sometimes, managers or bosses can get a little overbearing, especially the ones that tend to micromanage everything.  Unfortunately, you have to work with them and you are going to have to play by their rules for a little while.  If you start being disrespectful to them or behind their back to co-workers, it’s going to cost you big time.

4.  Misuse of Social Media

Ah, Facebook.  It can be such a wonderful way to waste time or post your opinions about cute pictures and annoying bosses.  That’s exactly what has happened to several people I’ve heard of who got fired.  They went on Facebook and chirped off about how their boss was so stupid and how much they hated their job.  Next thing they knew, they didn’t have a job.  I’ve also heard stories about pictures people took at their workplace doing inappropriate things and then posted them online.  Sure fire way to get the can.

Just remember to use common sense about your job.  Think about it from the perspective as if you were the boss.  What kind of employee would you want?  Would you want them to act the way you do?  If you can adjust your attitude in this direction, you’re going to go a long. way.