The importance of awesome Customer service

In a competitive world, how can you ensure that the customers you work so hard to attract are the ones who will stay faithful to your brand? The answer lies in having a sound product which can fulfil a need of a customer and the second is to provide unbeatable customer service. Plenty of articles and books have been written about the importance of professional customer service but it is one aspect of business which is often hard to get right. To what extent should one go to in order to please a customer?

Such answers depend upon the individual customer’s case, but remember that even a very difficult customer can still be won over. Think of it this way. A problem is actually a wonderful opportunity to prove that your organization places utmost importance on customer service and there is probably no other better time to exceed a customer’s expectations. By anticipating what a customer really wants, you also give your business a boost because a happy customer will without doubt share his experience with others. The same is also true of a customer who feels he has been unfairly treated. So what can you do to establish a business which understands the importance of awesome customer service?

–       It needs to show in your team. If your team consists of people who are only concerned with doing their job and who aren’t really bothered about providing good service, it won’t be long before your customers visit the competition. Hire people who are good at communication, are empathetic and who are adept at problem solving.

–       Seminars, workshops and training programs which revolve around providing good customer service can help your employees sharpen their skills and also help them understand where they need to improve.

–       Make an effort to remember little things about your customers that could make a difference. It doesn’t hurt to enquire about an old lady’s health, ask a young kid how his day at school went or talk about other topics of interest with your customers. Everybody likes to feel special and if you don’t really have the time for a conversation, then at least make the effort to remember your customer’s names.

–       What will it take to win over a customer? Contrary to popular belief, all customers are not on the lookout for a free coupon, a cash back offer, a freebie or a discount. It takes time, patience and a willingness to listen to really understand a customer.

–       Never underestimate the importance of customer feedback. If a customer has taken the time to give you an opinion or share a feedback with you, that alone is an opportunity for improvement. It never hurts to strike up a conversation with a customer randomly and to ask if they are pleased with the service they are getting. You may learn more truths this way, than a feedback box could ever give you.

–       Empower your employees. Ensure that your employees have the authority to take decisions with regard to customers as long as they are within the company limits. If an employee wishes to discuss something with your first, encourage them to do so. Showing your appreciation for well thought out decisions is a great way to motivate staff as well.

Good customer service is often the key difference between successful organizations and those that aren’t.